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Alchemical Metallic Oil of Gold

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Alchemical Metallic Oil of Gold

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Oil of Gold

Metallic Oils are created through a time intensive, alchemical process. This is an actual oil, extracted from a metallic catalyst; a sample of purified, 24k gold. This was not created with gold flakes, and is not simply gold soaked in a liquid. Containing no metallic constituents, it is not a colloidal suspension and is not a gemstone elixir. It is not simply an energetic essence or tincture.

This is an actual alchemically extracted oil; extracted from the metallic gold source catalyst that the process begins with. Used as a catalyst, and removed upon release of its essential oil, we are left with what is considered a purely organic product; the essential oil of the gold that the process began with.

Throughout history, Alchemists came to the belief that the Soul of any object is known to us as the essential oil. This oil is extracted from a metal source by use of a catalytic conversion reaction. 

​Metallic Oil of Gold contains Phenols, which work to reset the body’s receptor sites, allowing our cells to learn new ways to act in response to environmental situations that we introduce them to.

Also contained in Oil of Gold, Sesquiterpenes clean out stress causing genetic sequences that, over time, naturally become altered and flawed. By improving oxygenation of the blood, Oil of Gold aids in reducing inflammation and destroys any hospitable environment for illness and disease.

Finally, Monoterpenes help to repair the cellular memory to its most ideal state. Stress is reduced in response to a balancing of hormones. Improved sleep, aids in elevated mental capacity.

As with any product, every individual will experience the benefit of an essential oil differently. We all have our own unique chemical makeup, and this means that any one of us can have a different reaction to the same substance.

Intent is very important when using a metallic oil, as with many of my products. I will include expanded information with each bottle.   

Oil of Gold corresponds strongly with the Pineal Gland. Located deep in the center of the brain, this gland is sometimes referred to as the “third eye”. The pineal gland produces melatonin, which is responsible for maintaining your biological (circadian) rhythm and for regulating certain reproductive hormones.

Melatonin also protects the DNA, preventing cancerous mutation. When the pineal gland function is impaired, higher rates of DNA damage are induced.

Melatonin plays an important role in the modulation of cancer risk by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant.

Spiritually, Oil of Gold is associated with the Sun and the Crown Chakra. The crown chakra, or third eye, is known to be the source of all that makes a person who they are. Opening the third eye through spiritual work, particularly when working with the Oil of Gold, offers a bigger picture and knowledge of one’s higher self.

According to ancient accounts, an open third eye makes one both human and divine, simultaneously.  This allows us to have one foot in the physical realm, with the other in the non-physical plane of existence. Working to understand and further your journey in this spiritual path allows you to recognize that our manifestations are a result of our thought patterns, which become subconscious fears and beliefs.

Alchemical point of view oftentimes describes the Oil of Gold as a panacea, capable of mending all ailments within the body, as well as an elixir for immortality, like your own little vial from the fountain of youth!

Anyone who has worked to open their third eye, knows that it is no easy achievement, and requires a consistent, daily dedication. Adding Oil of Gold to this daily practice gives you a distinct edge in reaching this state of being. Oil of Gold has been credited to states such as divine reality, physical immortality, and infinite consciousness. Historically, Alchemists considered the Oil of Gold a fortune among fortunes. 

Creating a metallic oil requires a significant commitment of both time and physical labor. These are by far the most involved creations that I have offered, to this point. This oil is potentially more beneficial to every single aspect of one's life than any other available offering.

Each vial contains an approximate 6 month supply. I am offering these in 10ml bottles; over twice the amount of any other offering that I have personally seen anywhere else. 

This is a single batch and is extremely limited. This will not be a regularly available product. I *might* offer a couple of other metallic oils sometime down the line, but don't hesitate if you want one of these! 





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