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Chicken Foot Charm

The Jagged Path

Chicken Foot Charm

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Chicken feet are carried and utilized for crossing/uncrossing work and protection. 

Chicken feet are mostly known for their use in Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Juju. They are powerful protection charms. Chicken feet are not used to attract or bring money, love, or good luck, however, they CAN be used to protect the love in your relationships, etc. 

Chicken feet are used to physically protect both its holder and property and belongings, from anything or anyone that has negative intentions for them. This encompasses negative entities and energy. 

Gallus gallus domesticus birds are industrious, curious, motherly, and protective of their kin. They are busy shifting debris, searching for tasty morsels, and clearing away what is not needed.

Hang outside of all entry doors to protect your home. Hang from your rearview mirror to protect your vehicle. 

The belief is in the toes. The chicken's toes, that is. The toeNAILS, to be more specific. Just as the universal "poison" symbol, skull and bones, warns that if we touch or drink that item, we might die, a chicken's toenails warn of some major damage. They will scratch the hell out of you. It is this fact that makes their feet so protective. A scratch from a ritually "fixed" Chicken foot lets anyone with negative intent against you, know that they will face some serious pain and discomfort if they mess with you.  

In many Southern cultures, it is known that if you find a chicken foot in your home, on your property, in your car, etc., someone is "laying a trick" on you, or trying to curse you. (Please note, this isn't limited to chicken feet. If you find unknown animal parts anywhere you aren't expecting them, take heed.) 

One Chicken foot can be used on its own, or you can "cross" two feet, securing them so that they take the same shape as the crossbones of the "poison" sign.

The Chicken feet that I offer to you are ethically sourced, blessed for the life they gave, cleansed of all past energy, naturally dehydrated, and hand crafted. Feathers, wrap, charms, and/or beads, are added to enhance the effects of the charm. All additions have been ritually cleansed and blessed. Each feet differs slightly in size, but average 3-5 inches, without adornments. 

Each foot will be painted and adorned according to your intention. Please include desired paint and feather color and/or intent as a "note" for any charm you choose. Feet can be left natural color/with no paint and/or decor if desired.

This information is for informational purposes only. This item is sold as a curio, and is not intended for human consumption. The FDA has not evaluated these statements, and requires the inclusion of this disclaimer.



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