Don't Let the Devil Getcha Reliquary
Don't Let the Devil Getcha Reliquary

The Jagged Path

Don't Let the Devil Getcha Reliquary

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In many resources, Stramonium is known as the Devil's Weed. Children are told not to touch or, or the Devil will get them and never let them go. The things we tell our kids to keep them away from these plants! I know a lot of people that would run up TO the plant upon hearing this, but I digress.

This reliquary holds this magical lore within the tiny little vessel. "Dynamite comes in small packages".  It contains a dried Stramonium bloom, a Coyote bone, remnants of a Datura seed pod, and seeds. It is topped off with gold wax, stamped with a Pentacle wax seal, and a skeleton key charm, representing Stramonium's association to Hekate. 

All of the plant material included was òrgαñìçally grown by The Jagged Path. This reliquary was created and sealed in ritual, programmed with positive intent. Feel free to charge with whatever intent best suits your purposes, or simply enjoy the beauty of it. This is a OOAK, original creation.

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