Do you walk the poison path? How jagged is your step?

Kaizen Tincture
Kaizen Tincture
Kaizen Tincture
Kaizen Tincture
Kaizen Tincture

The Jagged Path

Kaizen Tincture

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Sun Conjunct Pluto Tincture

Pluto goes 0° conjunct with the Sun at 8:06am EST, January 14, 2021.

Sun Conjunct Pluto is where the darkness and the light collide. It serves as a remedial crash course in one’s true self. It has the potential to unlock personal power and creativity.

This tincture will be blended and consecrated at the exact time when Pluto goes 0° conjunct with the Sun. This blend was created in conjunction with a group ritual being offered by @a_cult_following ; shattering self-perceptions that holds us back in order to pull out our true selves and new perceptions of what we are capable of.  Please go to @a_cult_following to sign up for this group ritual service.

{More information about my tincture}

The Sun serves as our identity; it’s who we are. Pure consciousness and pure spirit are our true identity, yet we refer to our physical body when referring to our identity.

Pluto serves as the influence that encourages our true identity—the Self—to go beyond itself.

Sun conjunct Pluto mirrors to us where we ignore our true self (Sun), while forcing us to face our dark side. It forces us to face our true Self—who we really are. For some, as Pluto, aka Hades, King of the Underworld, this can be a scary embarkment. However, as with shadow work, the Underworld is only a dark place when you resist it. Once we conquer our fears, we oftentimes find wisdom and riches. In the place where darkness meets light, we find knowledge and information only found here.

When we cling to our superficial identity, we are really clinging to our ego. We falsely believe that we are protecting our structural identity, but we are only preventing ourselves from growing.

While our inner bubble can feel safe and warm, it keeps us very limited. We are not meant to be still in our growth. Every moment is about transformation and change. Existence should be continuous transcendence and continuous transformation.

Oftentimes, change means death. What if “death” were really transformation?

*When you accept that your identity is an illusion, then transcendence becomes a condition of your life. *

Sun conjunct Pluto reminds us that we are ever evolving. Become who and what you want to be. Rewrite your past. Reverse engineer your future.

Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth, endings and beginnings, spiritual growth, and rebirth. The energy helps us to eliminate, purge, regenerate, and redeem ourselves.

This tincture is created with constituents harboring Plutonian, Hekatean, and Solar Energy; created with transformation in mind. It is intended to assist you in shattering self-perceptions that hold you back- - to help you realize your true Self and create positive perceptions. It is meant to help you realize your full potential. Only 10 made.

This blend is proprietary, as I’ve witnessed too many Creators having their work copied and claimed by others, but materia includes Birch bark, Larkspur, Passionflower, Belladonna, snake skin, and Fly Agaric. Each bottle is charged with a Black Obsidian crystal chip.

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