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Lily and Rose Reliquary
Lily and Rose Reliquary
Lily and Rose Reliquary

The Jagged Path

Lily and Rose Reliquary

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Lily of the Valley flowers are said to ring when fairies sing and to form ladders fairies use to reach reeds from which they weave their cradles. Burning roses as incense or simply placing them on an outdoor altar is appreciated by the Fae. Foxgloves are directly connected to the Fae, as well. Dew collected from the blossoms is used in spells for communicating with fairies. 

This reliquary holds all this magical lore within the tiny little vessel. It contains Lily of the Valley blooms, Foxglove seeds, and a rose petal. It is topped off gold wax and a Lily of the Valley flower petal, adorned with a Pentacle charm. 

All of the plant material included was organically grown by The Jagged Path. This reliquary was created and sealed in ritual, programmed with positive intent. Feel free to charge with whatever intent best suits your purposes, or simply enjoy the beauty of it. This is a OOAK, original creation.



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