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Lotus Trifecta Anointing Oil
Lotus Trifecta Anointing Oil
Lotus Trifecta Anointing Oil
Lotus Trifecta Anointing Oil

The Jagged Path

Lotus Trifecta Anointing Oil

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Three is better than one--at least in this situation! 

History tells us that the people of Egypt used Blue Lotus for pain relief, to promote sexual desire, to increase circulation, valued for its euphoric affects, and as a way to experience simple ecstasy.

Many Indians view the Lotus as sacred, believing that each one of the five petals represent one of the five elements of the earth.

Blue Lotus contains Nuciferin, known to be an antispasmodic, and aporphine, a synthetic alkaloid, regarded as the parent from which morphine, bulbocapnine, and related alkaloids are derived.

The Blue Lotus was thought of as the Cannabis of ancient Egypt, also regarded as a strong aphrodisiac.

Holistically, the Lotus is revered for its ability to enhance meditation and promote relaxation. Also offers amazing skin and hair health care benefits.

White Lotus' signify many things, including beauty, grace, purity of mind, wealth, knowledge, fertility, and faith. They are known as the, “Womb of the World.” They are associated with the state of bodhi; that of becoming awakened to the wonders of it all.

Pink lotus flowers are often associated with Buddhism as these charming blooms are said to portray Buddha’s earthly symbol. They are reserved for enlightenment of the highest order and is associated with the highest deity, the Buddha.

Properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-diuretic, anti-diabetic properties, aphrodisiac, relieves stress, eases gastrointestinal issues, relieves menstrual symptoms/problems, rich in vitamin B, contains carotene, and can boost the immune system.

This set includes one 15ml bottle each of blue, pink, and white lotus anointing/body oils. (you will receive a total of three bottles of oil)These oils are luxurious, light, quickly absorbed, full of amazing energy and incredibly uplifting. They are have no parabens, sulfates, chemicals, fake scents, etc. They are 100% natural.



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