Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set
Midwinter Collaboration Gift Set

The Jagged Path

Midwinter Collaboration

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Did Santa come up short this year?


What happens when 2 world-renowned magic makers team up with wicked materia? Bliss, joy, happy senses, and sexual heat, of course!


Introducing the Midwinter Box, a collaboration between The Jagged Path & Devil’s Conjure. You’ll receive a sensual Body Butter, Incense of Merriment, non-gendered Fragrance roll-on, and a non-toxic Yule Candle.


The Jagged Path creations:


Yule Time body butter is a rich body cream made with all natural butters and a touch of Yuletide fragrance, whipped to a pillowy-soft perfection. Not only will you experience soft, supple skin, but this delightfully sinful body butter serves double duty. As your senses begin to fully absorb this butter, you’ll notice your muscles relaxing & experience increased blood flow. By fully arousing the senses, one can expect heightened dopamine levels and a relaxed, sensual mindset.


Sandalwood improves mood and increases levels of desire in many women. It is also an attractive scent to men. Cinnamon is warming and supports circulation and libido in both men and women.


Rose Geranium affects emotional balance and hormonal systems, making it a great addition for an overall pick me up.


The lightest addition of pink sugar allows a gentle exfoliation of your skin, immediately followed by the soothing properties of the body butter. You can FEEL the creaminess soaking into your skin.


The body butter is accompanied by my gender-free Yule Time fragrance roll-on. This too, is a deliciously wicked, double duty creation. It consists of a warm and complex blend of cinnamon bark, spiced rum, clove leaf, jasmine petals, sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla, and musk. It will leave you with a silky-smooth feeling, with no irritation to your skin, as it contains no alcohol. Phthalate free, cosmetic grade, no additional additives. Shake well and roll on pulse points, or any area you wish to add a touch of sensual, sultry goodness.


Devil's Conjure creations:




The Yule Candle is a beacon of hope, an invitation to warm your bones by the fire, to celebrate the passing of the year by kindling your inner fire with joy & bounty, and to set an intention, sowing seeds for the year to come.


A light to warm the hearts & hearths of all!


Upon lighting your Yule candle, you will be enchanted by the aromas of the holidays; warm notes of Nutmeg, cool & refreshing Spearmint, spicy Clove, and robust Orange.


The Yule candle was created with the hope that it will bring you as much warmth & prosperity that it has brought our home over the years. Light during family gatherings to ensure a harmonious environment or when the winter blues get you down! Each Yule candle is inspirited with the essence of Hope & Joy.


However, The Yule candle has a secret, sensual side, and is perfect for that bed-side table, lit to keep the passion hot and heavy, even as it snows.


Clouds of pungent, fragrant smoke fill the abode, rushing all spirits of woe & despair from their lairs, lifting the spirits & hearts of all, bringing abundance & full bellies. The Incense of Merriment was created to serve as a balm in dark times, as a comfort to all who find their spirits low during the holidays, to bring cheer & instill a jovial nature in all who gather!


Formulated from materia sacred to Yule, of those that embody cheer & harmony, prosperity & mirth, including Rose, Clove, Alfalfa & Cardamom, Spearmint & Nutmeg, Burn the Incense of Merriment upon a charcoal disk in a flameproof container, prior to family engagements or simply to lift your spirits.


These are EXTREMELY limited. They are gift-boxed and ready to go/ready to ship; gift ready, whether for yourself, or some other lucky person. These are a one-off, special creation offer and will NOT ever be available again. Once these are gone, that's it. Don't miss out; these will go fast!



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