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Petrichor Fragrance (non-gendered)

The Jagged Path

Petrichor Fragrance (non-gendered)

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You spent last night gathered around a fire (or a cauldron), and your cloak is still smoky.

Enjoying your morning coffee amidst the aftereffects of a morning thunderstorm, and you can still smell damp earth, damp clean hay, leaves-- that after-the-rain smell, and now the sun is out, warming up the herby meadows and the wind is carrying the smell into the nearby village.

A stroll through the fields after a storm, raindrops drying on warm grass. English mint flashes like faraway lightning, witnessed from afar. Oakmoss and bay transform into sweet-smelling, smoky hay and drying meadows, rustling around you as the storm dissipates. A scent memory from times past – natural, warm, and unique.

Remember those hot, humid summer evenings – when you can feel the electric charge of power from the oncoming storm in the air? When you could smell the rain moving in, the grass and dirt beneath your feet, and the plants, flowers, and herbs all around you.

This scent is woodsy and mysterious; tall, dark, and handsome.

Opens with a lively, palate cleansing-like note of mint, slowly giving way to a curl of smoke – think rain clouds rolling in overhead. The overcast phase before a storm really is delightful. The heart note is dark & troubling, followed by the familiar, after the storm has passed, feeling - the sun has returned, and the flowers are exhaling in the crisp, rain-swept air, when everything smells so much more alive, headier, and fresh.

In my opinion, choosing a fragrance should be an experience that is more than just smelling a sample stick. Fragrances are a bit like single malt whiskeys or a fine wine, in that there is art and poetry involved in the creation. All of these are part of the experience-- the poetry, the inspiration, and the images that are formed in your thoughts when you first experience the fragrance, as well as how your own body chemistry charges the fragrance - the way it warms to your skin. It is all part of the magic.

Notes of mint, chamomile, oak, hay, beeswax honey, nettle, cinnamon, and oakmoss.

I am only offering six bottles of this fragrance; it will not be offered again. It will arrive bottled in a matte black, glass spritz bottle. This unisex scent is Phthalate–free, cosmetic grade, and contains no additional additives. Contains only the highest quality fragrances and essential oils. Shake well prior to use.



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