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Poppet, Voodoo Doll, Doll Baby, Stress Doll

The Jagged Path

Poppet, Voodoo Doll, Doll Baby, Stress Doll

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Whether you know them as a Poppet, Voodoo Doll, Doll Baby, Stress Doll, these little creations are a wicked tool used in the most wicked of times, or for specific manifestations or goals.

Each Doll can be "named" and "charged" as a representative of a specific target or goal.

Each Doll will come with a small vile of herbs, in correspondence with the color of the Doll, a chime candle with the same color correspondence, pins, and an information sheet for the use of your Doll.

Each Doll is pre-stuffed, with a remaining opening to insert any additional herbs, oils, pictures, personal concerns, tags, etc., into your doll. Please note that this isn't a requirement, I have just made it so that if you want to add anything, you can. Once you are satisfied with the Doll's completion, simply pull the thread tight and tie. The heart patch also has a small opening remaining, for the same purposes.

Voodoo Dolls are most commonly used in New Orleans Voodoo, and originate from African folk magic. Contrary to the stereotype of the Voodoo doll, they are also used for healing, attraction, and manifestation. The dolls serve as a focal point, a strong visual tool, and a portal.

Though there are some that use Voodoo dolls with nefarious intention, they are also used for protection, attraction, and healing energies. Voodoo dolls can have different significance, depending on associated colors and intention. They are best used when the user/practitioner transfers energy onto the doll, and forms connections by way of attaching personal elements to the doll. Certain herbs and oils can also be used to enhance intentions.

Choosing A Voodoo Doll:

Choose a doll suited to your intentions/workings - this could be the colors that the doll is dressed in, charms etc., that it is embellished with. It is important to pick a doll that you can easily visually connect with and link to the desired purpose. Choose one that best represents your intent, and you'll find it much easier to focus on during rituals.

Color Magic: -

Green: Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance 

Blue:  Love, Health, Tranquility

Yellow: Confidence, Success, Attraction, Understanding

Pink: Love, Affection, Self-Love 

Red: Power, Passion, Lust, Love

Orange: Creativity, Strength, Joy, Rapid Adaptation, Road Opening 

Brown: Grounding, Stability, Connection to Nature 

Purple: Wisdom, Domination, Contact with Spirits, Increased Psychic awareness, Resistance to Black Magic 

Black: Repel Negative Energy, Removal of Bad Habits, Transfiguration, Hexing 

White: Peace, Security, Truth, Protection from Rumors

Each Doll is made with focus and intention, and is consecrated prior to shipping. Please note that each doll is made to order, and might require a few extra days for shipping. As each doll is hand made, expect some slight differences in each doll. If the doll is for yourself, keep the ritual doll close to you in order for it to receive your energy prior to use. Do not let others handle your doll. If you have any specific requests for the makings of your doll, please include a note with your order.



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