Spirit Invocation/summoning Incense
Spirit Invocation/summoning Incense
Spirit Invocation/summoning Incense
Spirit Invocation/summoning Incense

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Spirit Invocation/Summoning Incense

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Spirit Invocation Incense

Witchcraft has always involved the invocation of spirits and deities as an element of formal ritual.

These rituals involve welcoming spirits or deities into our sacred workspace. My Spirit Invocation incense was created to aid in this facet of ritual work.

This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways, the main one being burning the incense as an offering to the spirits or deities that you are working with. This was, after all the original intended use for incense.

When burned as an offering, incense was created to serve as a medium to connect with the spirit or deity in question, by way of pleasing the spirits, not solely the practitioner.

It was also used to intoxicate the attendees, as part of the preparation for ritual. Incense was not created to serve as an air freshener or for the simple cleansing of a person or place.

In fact, if the practitioner does not have a relationship with the plant material being burned, the burning might do the exact opposite of what is desired.

The burning of a plant spirit often calls to them and is often accepted as an offering. This, in turn might awaken what lies dormant, rather than repel them. For this reason, it is vitally important to show gratitude to the blend itself for aiding you in your work.

When creating a new incense blend for ritual use, I treat the creation process as a ritual, itself. The act of choosing the materials, blessing and charging each addition for its intended purpose—what their purpose is and what they are being charged with—then grinding via mortar and pestle, serves as the final step of a ritual of dedication.

Further, when burning incense in a manner that aids the practitioner in connecting with spirit by lowering inhibitions for the purpose of ritual, one must also respect the spirits of the plants and resins used to create the incense.

When our ancestors created the first incense blends, they considered the aromas of certain ingredients to be exotic and powerful.

Some of those same ingredients would be associated with dirt, or considered unappealing by today’s standards. Personally, I think this has much to do with all the perfume-y incense blends and sticks on the market today. This is why I prefer handmade/hand grinded creations.

I utilize the plants and roots and resins of our ancestors. If a little graveyard dirt or dirt from a crossroads adds to the “feel” of a blend, in it goes!!!

Every batch of incense is a unique creation. The moon phase will differ, the time of day will differ, the mood of the practitioner will differ; the situation will never be exactly the same. This is why one should not have a set expectation when incorporating a blend into their practice. Each blend will have its own unique power and personality.

All my incense blends have been thoughtfully created after connecting with spirit, in order to determine what best appeases them and creates the best atmosphere for any type of ritual work.

In order to add a plant, root, or resin into one of my blends, the spirit of that material must agree and be willing to serve the purpose that I request of it.

The spirits that filled these requirements for this proprietary blend are all traditional, necromantic and spirit invoking plants, roots, and resins.

I will not be sharing all components of this blend, as I’ve seen too many of my products “mirrored” by other creators, but I will share a few.

This blend contains cinnamon, mugwort artemisia, frankincense, and dragon’s blood, among others. You will receive a 4oz tin, full of this product.

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