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Strawberry Moon Liqueur
Strawberry Moon Liqueur

The Jagged Path

Strawberry Moon Liqueur

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I truly cannot think of a more summery refreshment than this!

Freshly picked red strawberries--plump, sweet, and juicy

Rhubarb and strawberries are lifelong bff's! Rhubarb's natural tartness just further intensifies the sweetness of the strawberries, melding together into the most delicious, unique flavor combination.

Beautiful, large, wild rose blooms lend their beautiful coloring and delicate, floral, sweet, and fruity flavor.

All ingredients were harvested fresh, under the Strawberry Moon, from my own personal garden.

All of these summer staples were infused into gluten-free grain alcohol and a simple syrup, to create this beautiful, delectable, uniquely summer-flavored liqueur. No artificial colors, additives, or preservatives. The alcohol and sugar both serve as natural preservatives, ensuring your liqueur will stay fresh way past growing season!

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