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Tar Water Conjure
Tar Water Conjure
Tar Water Conjure
Tar Water Conjure
Tar Water Conjure

The Jagged Path

Tar Water

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Traditional Old Conjure, used to remove negative energy, to enhance protection, and for spiritual/physical cleansing. Tar Water is a double edged sword, as it can be used for cleansing & protection, but is also used in crossing/hex works. I have created this using Old New Orleans tradition with real pine tar and Holy Water. Add it to your mop water, or spray in all 4 corners of every room of your home to remove negative thoughts, psychic manifestations, and to defuse any tricks or magical works placed by anyone other than you. 

To dispose of leftover mop water which has contained this potent formula, pour it across your driveway or the walkway to your home. This places a spiritual line of protection around your property. Anyone that tries to cause problems for you or yours will have to cross that spiritual line. You can dress the four corners of your yard, just as you did the rooms of your home. This will negate any hexes or tricks that have been laid on your property. Use to anoint window sills, doors, and stoops.

Potent enough to banish spirits that are hell-bent on staying. A necessary and potent tool for any conjure person, to ban unwanted spirits and attachments in the home.

DO NOT INGEST! Do not allow this to come into contact with skin, as it can burn. Wash exposed skin immediately with cold water. Please note, this is VERY powerful magic. Don't let its unimposing looks deceive you.

Burned Pine resin tar, Louisiana swamp water, cemetery water, Spanish moss (for stabilizing the rotting water), Graveyard dirt (properly acquired and paid for), Sulfur, and rusted iron nails. Charged with Black Tourmaline and blessed with Holy Water.



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