The Magical Oak Reliquary
The Magical Oak Reliquary
The Magical Oak Reliquary

The Jagged Path

The Magical Oak Reliquary

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Oak is regarded as a powerful source of magic by countless traditions. The trees themselves are associated with Jupiter and Thor, among many other deities, and Midsummer, whereas acorns are associated with Samhain. Oaks are one of the sacred trees of Druidry.

Acorns have many different magical associations, including creativity, divination, fertility, longevity, pain relief, prosperity, protection (especially from evil, lightning, and illness), and attracting a romantic partner.

They are often carried to provide a constant magical boost, or placed in a window to protect the home. Oak leaves, when worn on the neck or near the heart, protect from deception. Leaves can be placed in bathwater for spiritual cleansing. Oak wood has a protective quality; different kinds of oak wood are also said to have other magical attributes.

This vessel incorporates all of these attributes, in addition to oakmoss, directly from a large, felled oak branch, all from a very old, very large Oak tree, on my own property. All parts were collected in the dark of night, under a waning moon. The bottle is sealed with a natured inspired shade green wax with a thin strip of gold, topped with a piece of oakmoss. This is truly a beautiful piece. It would be perfect for any kind of prosperity spells, or simply to sit atop your altar. 

As mentioned, this tree is on the property of The Jagged Path. This reliquary was created and sealed in ritual, programmed with positive intent. Feel free to charge with whatever intent best suits your purposes, or simply enjoy the beauty of it. This is a OOAK, original creation.

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