The Vampire Painting palette

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The Vampire Painting palette

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Features 12 highly versatile colors offering endless possibilities for creating custom eye makeup looks for any occasion.

Highly Pigmented Colors: Creamy makeup glides effortlessly to provide smooth application and coverage. Pigmented colors add depth and dimension to eyes.

The eye shadow palette contains 12 beautiful and vibrant colors. All shades are tΓúε to color, long-lasting and apply effortlessly.

Makeup professionals and beginners alike will love this palette for its versatility, convenience and color variety.

This beautiful Eye Shadow Palette comes packaged perfectly for gifting, whether yourself, or a lucky acquaintance. Perfect choice for any/all genders. Features a refillable palette.

All natural, phthalate free. Ingredients include Mica, Kaolin Clay, & Mineral Oil. Only 2 available.

Love and Pain is a famous 1895 painting by Edvard Munch; it has also been called Vampire, though not by Munch. The painting depicts a man and woman embracing, with the woman appearing to be either kissing or biting the man on his neck. 

In the painting, we see a man in anguish, arms around a woman, while she tries to comfort him. Perhaps she is laying her face on his shoulder even. Some thought it was about his visits to prostitutes, yet others saw it as some sort of macabre fantasy about the death of his favorite sister. Evidently Munch remained ambiguous about the deeper meaning behind it.

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