Witch's Poison Locket
Witch's Poison Locket
Witch's Poison Locket
Witch's Poison Locket

The Jagged Path

Witch's Poison Locket

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The Witch has long been associated with poisonous plants. Many of the first folk healers were Witches. When the townspeople needed healing, or when they wanted to "speed their inheritance", they would seek out the help of the local Witch, for the Witch knew just the plant to accomplish your goal. 

Many of us still pride ourselves in keeping a Witch's Poison Garden. Often included are Foxglove, Woody Nightshade, Wormwood, Hemlock, and Black Nightshade (among many others). These are the Witch's plants that I have incorporated into this OOAK Witch's Poison Locket.

Foxglove’s origin name is believed, by some, to have originated from the word folksglove, referring to faerie folk. Scandinavian legends tell us that faeries taught foxes to ring the bells of the foxglove to warn one another of approaching enemies. I have added a Foxglove bloom to this locket to represent energy, pride, ambition, creativity, and creativity.

Woody Nightshade is used in shadow work/self-reflection and binding workings. It is utilized in both offensive and defensive works. Used for healing, Woody Nightshade has anti-inflammatory properties and treats skin conditions. I’ve added these flowers for their protective and calming properties.

Wormwood’s (Artemesia) name is believed to come from the Goddess Artemis. Wormwood is the main ingredient in absinthe. It is used for astral projection, divination, to induce visions, and in reversal magic. The §møk£ of wormwood is used to call up spirits. I’ve chosen Wormwood for its protective and prophetic properties.

Hemlock is associated with witches and the devil, and is connected to Kali, Lilith, and is sacred to Hekate. It contains Saturnus connections. Hemlock was ritually used to paralyze either a man’s ‘member’, or a negative situation. It is also used to cleanse and purify ritual tools. Lore tells of Hemlock bringing and expelling plagues. I’ve added Hemlock flowers for their purification properties.

Black Nightshade has lunar properties and is used in workings related to death and ritual magic. Utilized by the serious-minded Witch, Black Nightshade is useful to boost and strengthen one’s personal power. It is also used in weather magic. Black Nightshade is dominated by chthonic power. Used as an offering, Black Nightshade helps transport the Witch to the Underworld. I’ve chosen Black Nightshade for its protection and transportive properties.

Hare Hair (ethically obtained/shed) – The hare has long been associated with shapeshifting and Witches. It was believed that the Witch could shapeshift into the form of a hare, in which they would perform mischievous or malevolent deeds.  ~ I shall go into a hare, with sorrow and such and muckle care. And I shall go in the Devil’s name. Ay, till I come home again.~ Hare Hair is included for its cloaking and protection properties.

Finally, I have included black obsidian for its protective properties. Obsidian is known to form a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies. It can draw out mental stress and tension, and it stimulates growth on all levels.

This necklace can be worn facing either direction, as I have placed plant offerings on either side, so essentially, this is 2 pieces in one.

This locket is crafted from an alloy base metal, with a gun black finish. The pendant is in rounded rectangle, clear glass windows on both sides, with a strong magnetic lock. The size is 1 1/8" by 2 1/4", 1/4" in thickness. It is on an 18 in chain, and is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

More styles coming soon.





*Presented for educational purposes; sold as a curio only. Statements not reviewed by the FDA; per FDA’s requirement, item is not intended for human consumption. Information not meant to take the place of medical advice. *



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