Amanita Regalis

Amanita Regalis, also known as the Royal Fly Agaric or the King of Sweden Amanita, and King Fly Agaric, largely resembles the more commonly known Fly Agaric/Amanita Muscaria. 

Amanita Regalis is more potent than its cousin, Amanita Muscaria. It is a hallucinogenic/psychoactive mushroom. A. Regalis is extremely rare, sometimes said to be the rarest Amanita strain, and found in only a handful of areas in the world.

Amanita Regalis contains the highest amount of Muscimol;  2-3x more potent than Amanita Muscaria, and comparably twice the strength of Amanita Pantherina.

Regalis contains the same alkaloids as Amanita Muscaria, in higher concentrations.

The name Amanita Regalis derives from the Latin word, regalis, which translates to “royal”. Amanita Regalis was named “Mushroom of the Year” in 2000, by the German Mycological Society.

Amanita Regalis is larger than the Amanita Muscaria, it has an Earthy brown cap rather than red, off white cap warts, and a yellow ochre at its base, with patches or rings of patches. Both are Muscimol containing mushrooms.

Regalis, like its fellow Amanita species, holds a symbiotic relationship with certain species of trees. The bulk of these mushrooms lie beneath the ground, while the fruiting body seen above ground is the reproductive structure, only appearing when the temperature, moisture, and nutrient availability are all in appropriate conditions.

Amanita Regalis has a cap that can range from spherical to convex to somewhat flattened. This depends upon what stage of development the mushroom is in. The ring and stem are more yellow in color than Amanita M. The flesh underneath the cuticle is yellowish in color.

Usually found among Scots Pine, Birch, Norway Spruce, and Mountain Pine trees, Amanita Regalis have also been reported to grow in fairy rings.

 As is common with Amanita mushrooms, Regalis is used by shamans for spiritual and physical healing. It is associated with Shamanic and magical rites. Regalis contains Muscimol, which is psychoactive in nature. It is a popular indulgence among groups seeking hallucinogenic culinary excursions.

In tincture form, Regalis calls upon a relaxed sensation and visionary states. Medicinally, it has a long history of use for joint pains, sciatica, arthritis, muscle pains, in addition to many other types of pain.

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