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Amanita Regalis

Amanita Regalis, also known as the Royal Fly Agaric or the King of Sweden Amanita, and King Fly Agaric, largely resembles the more commonly known Fly Agaric/Amanita Muscaria.  Amanita Regalis is more potent than its cousin, Amanita Muscaria. It is a hallucinogenic/psychoactive mushroom. A. Regalis is extremely rare, sometimes said to be the rarest Amanita strain, and found in only a handful of areas in the world. Amanita Regalis contains the highest amount of Muscimol;  2-3x more potent than Amanita Muscaria, and comparably twice the strength of Amanita Pantherina. Regalis contains the same alkaloids as Amanita Muscaria, in higher concentrations. The name Amanita Regalis derives from the Latin word, regalis, which translates to “royal”. Amanita Regalis was named “Mushroom of...

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