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Affair of the Heart Tincture
Affair of the Heart Tincture
Affair of the Heart Tincture

The Jagged Path

Affair of the Heart Tincture

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Affair of the Heart

This tincture offers a warming experience, encouraging an opening up of the body, an awakening of the emotions, and the encouragement one needs in an intimate or social setting. This encouragement helps to secure a deeper connection between participants. This blend is wonderful for sharing with lovers. I have created this tincture with both body and soul in mind.

Damiana has mild aphrodisiac and anti-depressant properties. It serves as a calming agent, producing a mild emotional uplift, and relaxing one for intimate encounters and encouraging pleasant dreams.

Medicinally, Damiana is beneficial to the nervous system and kidneys. It also helps to balance emotions and hormones. For women, it can lessen feelings of premenstrual tension and aid with symptoms of menopause.

Damiana is a beneficial treatment for headaches, nervous stomach, bedwetting, maintaining physical and mental stamina, and to ease constipation.

Cacao encourages a state of bliss; it helps one feel good while also improving overall health. Cacao harmonizes brain chemistry and improves the overall vitality of the heart muscle, due to natural occurrence of magnesium. Cacao eases menstrual pains, increases flexibility, relaxes muscles, aids in strong bones, and is a wonderful body detoxifying agent.

Rose is a heart herb. It strengthens the immune system, purifies the gallbladder and liver, and relieves nervous tension by soothing the nervous system. Roses relieve menstrual pain, help to cleanse the urinary tract, and increases sexual desire.

Blue Lotus offers a feeling of euphoria and enhances sexual arousal. This is accomplished by its ability to increase blood and energy circulation. It also holds antioxidant properties, fighting off free radicals.

Blue Lotus is said to have a Viagra-like effect on both women and men. It is also beneficial as a natural anxiety and stress reliever, and sleep aid.

Rock Water essence is the remedy for people who take self-repression and self-denial to extremes. It simply allows us to relax. We are softer to ourselves and not so dismissive of life’s simpler pleasures. Wild Rose flower essence re-awakens one’s curiosity in life. It helps to find a feeling of purpose, welcoming an elevated feeling of happiness and enjoyment, rather than apathy. Hosta Flower Essence encourages positive experiences in the present.

Charging this tincture with crystal quartz, chalcedony, amethyst, and rose quartz ensures a calming and soothing attitude. Carnelian serves to stimulate the sacral chakra.

This tincture can be taken sublingually, added to a cup of tea, or added to a glass of red wine.

Components: damiana, rose petals and buds, raw cacao, blue lotus flowers, distilled rock water, hosta and wild rose flower essences, gemstone elixir, and gluten-free alcohol. This will begin shipping on 2-13-2021.

As with all my products, this is created in small batches to ensure freshness and potency. This is a gluten free and vegan friendly product. You will receive a 30ml, dark glass dropper bottle. Following the included storage suggestions, your tincture should be shelf steady for a minimum of 5 years.



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