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Ancestor Flying Ointment

The Jagged Path

Ancestor Flying Ointment

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Ancestor Flying Ointment

Ingredients: mandrake root, mugwort leaves, wormwood leaves, blue lotus flowers, osha root, yopo seeds, damiana leaves, sunflower oil, candelilla wax

Uses: relieve headaches, joint, muscle, and nerve pain; relieves insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress; aids as an aphrodisiac; promotes lucid dreaming with recall, and astral travel; enhances feelings of euphoria and happiness; eases divination; aids in shapeshifting and visionary work; elevates spiritual power and self-confidence

In some Indigenous tribes, yopo seeds were pulverized and utilized as snuff in journeying ceremonies for communion with ancestral guides, nature spirits, and spirits on other planes. When inhaled, the seeds encourage hallucinations that grow the perception, beyond what is freely visible to the naked eye.

Employed topically, the seeds stimulate a lessening of the superficial senses, bringing typically unreachable senses to the forefront enabling you to feel the intricacies and identify what might otherwise be missed by the more contemporary sensations.

Yopo together with Mugwort can be utilized for the relief of pain. Osha root takes this unguent to a whole new medicinal level. Osha root, aka bear root, is known as immune booster and beneficial for pneumonia, coughs, bronchitis, colds, and the flu. It also helps relieve lung diseases, indigestion, sore throats, and body aches. Osha root offers potent antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has been used topically to disinfect wounds and treat certain viral ailments.

Mandragora and Mugwort are both historically found in Witches flying ointments and serve to further amplify the effects of Yopo.

Mandragora flowers have long been revered as sacred offerings to deities and Spirit. Mandragora is also known for its use in fertility, prosperity, passion, and sex magic.

Mandragora, alongside Blue Lotus flowers, help to enhance psychic consciousness and ease of prophetic vision. It is said that the aroma of Mandragora serves to discourage malevolent spirits and vampiric forces, rendering them the ultimate shielding ally.

Blue Lotus elevates the aphrodisiac benefits of this unguent. With the addition of Damiana, any conflicts that may disturb the movement and fluidity of sensual and euphoric expression will certainly dissolve.

As with all my products, this unguent is created in small batches to assure potency and freshness. It is vegan friendly and gluten free. Full effects can take up to 2 hours after application. You will receive a 30ml tin of ointment. Following storage suggestions, shelf life is up to 5 years after purchase.

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