Atropa Belladonna flower essence
Atropa Belladonna flower essence

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Atropa Belladonna flower essence

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Welsh physician and §møk£ist, Edward Bach, believed that sun-warmed dew absorbed the healing power of the plants on which it was found. He began to place flowering herbs into glass bowls with pure, spring water, then setting them out in the sunshine.

The solar charged essences were then homeopathically thinned down. This is believed to allow the plants to work on a vibrational level, rather than a biochemical level. Flower essences do not target specific physical illnesses, but rather the moods and the negative emotions which lead to their manifestation. Bach believed that these essences would “melt away diseases, just as the snow melts in the sun.” A flower essence is a super diluted, solar (or lunar, when appropriate) charged, liquid extract.

Flower essences are truly straight from the “laboratory of nature”. All four alchemical elements are present in an essence. Water, Air, earth, and fire all harmoniously blend beautifully, leaving only the spirit element, which is fulfilled by the sensitive awareness and attunement of the preparer, and further by the user.

A flower essence is an example of sympathetic magic. Dr. Bach first began using them to aid those with emotional pain, i.e., lonesomeness, dread, sorrow insecurity, oversensitivity, weariness, and suffering.

Each plant contains a unique energy vibration pattern, and the pinnacle of this energy is the flower.

Do you feel particularly drawn to a particular flower? This suggests that you are in need of an innate wisdom, that the flower could provide to you, on a deep emotional level. Each flower boasts its own therapeutic advantages and can target a distinctive emotional state.

Using flower essences is a simple, natural way to grow and heal, as the essence functions as a catalyst for transformation, at a deep emotional level. Following Bach’s original practices,

I gather flower blossoms early, while they are still dew-filled, on a clear, sunny morning. I gently place them into a clear glass vessel with distilled water and allow them to solar charge, beneath the morning sun.

For night blooming flowers, I gather blooms once they are fully opened, and allow them to charge under the moon light. Preparing the essences in this manner, absorbs the imprint of the flower’s energy, into the water.

Once the water is strained and the flowers removed, you are left with the “mother essence”. I then preserve the mother essence with equal amounts of top-quality brandy. This is what you will receive; a 30ml glass stock bottle with included dropper.

To use any of my essences, you can simply place 4 drops from the stock bottle that you receive, into a glass of water, up to 4 times daily. Alternately, you can make your own dosage bottle, by adding several drops from your stock bottle to an equal amount of water and brandy ( ¼ to ½ ounce), and storing this in a one ounce dropper bottle. This method allows you to use several essences together, if desired. You can either make a dosage bottle of each essence separately, or simply add an additional ¼ to ½ ounce of water/brandy combination for each additional flower essence-from stock bottles- that you would like to combine. Essences can also be added to bath water, body creams or lotions, or holy water.

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