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Banish the Pain Tea Blend
Banish the Pain Tea Blend

The Jagged Path

Banish the Pain Tea Blend

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Ingredients: White Willow Bark, Cramp Bark, Holy Basil, Nettles, Hyssop, California Poppy, Citrus Peel, Assam Black Tea (Contains Caffeine: Less than 1 mg per serving) A fragrant loose tea blend that help to banish pain and inflammation. Salicylic acid, found in white willow bark, is an active ingredient in many OTC pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Nettle and holy basil help calm inflammation of nerves that contribute to pain. Cramp bark, California poppy, and citrus peel relieve muscle spasms/tension. Hyssop is shown to reduce inflammation throughout the body. One cup of banish your pain should provide up to 6 hours of pain/inflammation relief.



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