Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil
Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil
Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil
Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil
Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil

The Jagged Path

Belladonna & Black Hemlock Oil

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Belladonna is ritually used to produce visions and encourage astral projection. It is also very useful in workings involving divination.

Belladonna has been connected to witches throughout the ages, both in ancient and modern literature. Belladonna is a member of the Solanaceae family, more commonly known as the nightshade family. She is oftentimes used in magical workings of astral travel, bewitching, glamour magic, and necromancy. Belladonna is associated with the goddesses Bellona, Circe, and Hekate. 

When the spirit of the hemlock tree appears in our life we are being asked to gracefully allow negativity to flow like water off our back. Woody and earthy aroma, perfect for maintaining balance during times of change and disruption. 

Perfect for when you're feeling rigidity and inability to relax, or trying to control what is currently happening, but feeling ineffectual.

Work with black hemlock to loosen up and flow with more certainty and ease. The black Hemlock tree is a symbol of protection, longevity, and healing. It is associated with security, togetherness, and healthy living.

This oil has soaked up energy for the last 2 moon cycles, and was bottled under the full, blue moon, August 2021. Use to anoint yourself and ritual tools. Add to rituals to further strengthen and energize your workings. 

Belladonna plant material was grown, harvested, and infused by The Jagged Path. This oil is vegan and has no added dyes or fragrances.

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