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Belladonna spagyric formula
Belladonna spagyric formula
Belladonna spagyric formula
Belladonna spagyric formula
Belladonna spagyric formula

The Jagged Path

Belladonna spagyric formula

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How do spagyric plant remedies differ from nonspagyric ones?

Ordinary tinctures, infusions, decoctions, and the like, utilize the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared. The spagyric preparation "opens" the plant and liberates stronger curative powers. It is in principle, synergistic.

A spagyric is another way of looking at nature and its powers. "The whole is always greater than its parts."

Alchemists occasionally speak about an elevation(exaltation) of the basic substances. Spagyrists are of the opinion that these elevations liberate specific energies.

Whereas in the preparation of simple tinctures, the plant residues are thrown out after the extraction, spagyric herbal preparations always contain the salts obtained through incineration and calcination of the plant residue. These are partly water-soluble and are leached from the calcined material with distilled water.

Experience has shown that these salts have great curative effects.

Spagyrics contain the so-called three Philosophical Principles, also known as Essentials. These three Essentials are designated as Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt.

By means of special processes, they are separated, cleansed (purification), and finally re-combined (cohobation or chemical wedding). Mercury; the principle of life. Sulfur; the soul. Salt; the body-- the vehicle.

Belladonna is directly influenced by Saturn. Diseases associated with Saturn are rheumatism, hardenings, calcification, melancholy and depression, chronic diseases, lethargy, frigidity, eccentricity, crankiness, and diseases of the Saturnine organs.

All of these are aided by the use of a Belladonna spagyric. Simply put, a spagyric is the most potent, bioavailable/easy to digest formula one can find. Each spagyric contains all of the same qualities as with a tincture, only more potent and pure.



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