Bewitching Bundle
Bewitching Bundle
Bewitching Bundle
Bewitching Bundle

The Jagged Path

Bewitching Bundle

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Bewitching Bundle

Relax and unwind with a much deserved moment of silence.

Draw a bath, slowly emptying the contents of the bath-salt tea tube into the running water, before stepping in, and allowing all of the daily sludge to simply melt away, as the warm water and cradling aromas begin to envelope you.

While your bath is filling, get some water in the kettle and pour yourself a cup of delicious Peppermint and Rose tea. The aromatherapy is as soothing as the body's physical and emotional response; it's truly a treat to all the senses.

Imagine stepping into your bathtub, Bewitched with sea salt, Rose, pink Himalayan salt, hibiscus petals, and French lavender buds. Light a couple of candles on the corners of your tub, close your eyes, and push away everything that is causing you to overstress this moment.

Step out of the bath, and enjoy a sensual massage with oils of almond, lavender, and jojoba--infused with rose petals, Jasmine buds, and lavender buds. This quick absorbing oil leaves your skin beautifully hydrated, without that sticky, greasy feeling.

This will be a limited gift collection. I will only be offering 10, total. 

These bundles will arrive in 4 inch cube, red gift box, full of eco friendly, shredded paper filler and totally gift ready!
Valentine's day is quickly approaching 😉

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