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Chaga Mushroom Tincture

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Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus), aka Black Gold Tincture

It has been said that the Chaga is the strongest antioxidant in the natural world.

My Black Gold Tincture is a double extraction of Chaga Mushrooms, harvested from Birch trees.

Chaga Mushrooms do not have the typical Mushroom stem or cap. They grow as a large mass, on the side of different trees and plants.

Because of the Birch tree bark's levels of betulin & betulinic acid, which Chagas absorb as one of their main bioactive constituents, Chagas harvested from the Birch tree contain the highest therapeutic properties. Both betulinic acid and betulin are responsible for helping to restore balance in a variety of the body’s systems.

Chagas have the ability to produce survival promoting, potent compounds; these same compounds are extremely beneficial to people, as well. A few of these benefits include skin rejuvenation, anti oxidant properties, anti cancer properties, anti inflammatory properties, anti aging properties, improved energy and more stress relief, improved gut health, healthier blood sugar levels, a proactive effect on the liver, and high levels of melanin.

Chaga has a critical impact on learning and age related memory loss. Due in part to Chaga's very high melanin content (the main pigment present in our skin, responsible for skin health & suppleness), it helps to support hair and skin health and production, protecting both from sun damage. Chaga can also help to diminish already existing age spots.

Chaga contains β-Glucans, commonly used to boost the immune system. β-Glucans are often prescribed to fight the common cold, seasonal flu, allergies, asthma etc. This is accomplished by Chaga's ability to strengthen the immune system, so that our body is more easily able to heal itself.

Studies have shown significant cognitive enhancement after regular use of Chaga. Siberian folk medicine has made use of the Chaga Mushroom, Therapeutically, for thousands of years.

According to the Intl' Journal of Therapeutic Mushrooms, Chaga is currently enjoying a resurgence as a possible treatment for a wide variety of diseases and health problems, including chronic fatigue syndrome, the flu, stomach problems, and even HIV and certain types of cancer.

Chagas are rich in triterpenes. The main compounds are lanosterol-type triterpenes related to inotodiol. Other compounds isolated from Chaga include betulin, polysaccharides, and soluble lignins.

Chaga contains lupeol, which supports heart health. According to Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM, Chaga supports the integrity of blood vessels and provides soothing properties in times of irritation. This can be helpful for those suffering from pain, neuropathy, and even diabetes.

As the Chagas contain constituents that can only be extracted in alcohol, as well as constituents that cannot be extracted in alcohol, this is a double extracted tincture, offering the benefits of both water and alcohol-soluble compounds.

As with all of my offerings, this gives you a vegan friendly, gluten-free, very potent product. Lab research (links to follow below) shows that betulinic acid (compound only found in Chaga Mushrooms) has an amazing ability to treat even more serious diseases.

I have personally prepared this tincture, using grain alcohol, 100% glycerin, and distilled water.

You will receive a 30 ml, dark colored glass bottle of tincture. I advise storing this in a cool, dark area. Following these suggestions, your tincture should be shelf stable for up to 3 years.

Keep away from children and pets. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, immediately after surgery, or if you suffer from any bleeding disorders.

Diabetics should monitor blood sugar levels while taking Chaga.

Use common sense regarding any possible interactions with prescription RX's and with complications from existing health issues.

I am not a trained medical professional. I AM a trained herbalist, and I prepare and sample each batch of product before offering it to anyone else.

ingredients: chaga mushrooms, gluten-free grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin, distilled water

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."



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