Blue Lotus Flower Essence
Blue Lotus Flower Essence
Blue Lotus Flower Essence

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Blue Lotus Flower Essence

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The Blue Lotus flower is loved for the relaxation and heightened awareness they induce. The Blue Lotus has long been valued as an ancestral flower, recognized for its ability to provoke deep meditation, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming.

The effects are euphoric, while cooling down the nervous system and relaxing the whole body. Blue Lotus can also serve as a "nervine", or natural sedative and anti-convulsant.

Containing both nuciferan (a natural anti-spasmodic) and aporphine, which is responsible for the feelings of calming euphoria, the Blue Lotus is a natural anti-anxiety and stress reliever. This makes it invaluable in the social setting.

Blue Lotus has also been successfully used as an aphrodisiac and to treat erectile dysfunction. Add this to the ability to treat gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea and dyspepsia, being a natural, gentle sleep aid, and its natural ability to help with chronic stress and to ease muscle spasms, and it's no wonder this beautiful flower is so cherished.

Blue Lotus is also known to contain one of the highest vibrations in the flower world.

This vibration is what I set out to emulate when making my Blue Lotus flower essence. This essence contains the same energetic pattern as the flower, only in vibrational form.

This essence can be used for meditation, Therapeuticly, or ceremonially. Working with your third eye chakra, this Blue Lotus essence aids in relaxing your conscious mind so your subconscious can be heard.

Personally, relaxing in a meditative state after taking part in this flower essence has very noticeable, yet subtle effects. It begins with a generalized "warming" of my body--especially the shoulder area, up through my head. It's a very mellow--dreamy feeling, yet slightly stimulating.

I have found Blue Lotus to be especially helpful when performing 3rd eye work and/or working to improve my psychic energy. It leaves me feeling slightly euphoric and very tranquil. Simply, at peace with and within myself.

Preparing flower essences in the traditional way absorbs the imprint of the flower’s energy, into the water. Once the water is strained and the flowers removed, you are left with the “mother essence”.

The mother essence is then preserved with equal amounts of top-quality, red-berry brandy that has been aged in Oak. This is what you will receive; a 30ml, dark glass stock bottle with included dropper, along with a list of care and storage suggestions. Following these suggestions, your flower essence should remain shelf-steady for a minimum of 3 years.

Essences can also be added to bath water, body creams or lotions, or holy water.

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