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Butterfly Pea Flower Facial toner
Butterfly Pea Flower Facial toner

The Jagged Path

Butterfly Pea Flower Facial toner

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Butterfly Pea Flower Facial Toner

This facial toning mist is infused with witch hazel, fresh aloe vera gel, and butterfly pea flowers, to invigorate & restore your complexion.

I created this non-drying, holistic formula to leave your skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, refreshed, and clean. This toner is all natural, no chemicals, colorants, or un-natural preservatives. A perfect addition to your skin care routine—gentle enough for all skin types.

Adding a gentle toner to your skin care routine helps reduce the buildup of dirt and oils, helps to minimize the appearance of pores, and balances your skin’s pH levels, leaving you with a more noticeably even complexion. 

Cruelty and Gluten Free, Vegan, organic and, as with all my products, made in small batches.

Includes Butterfly Pea Flowers, witch hazel, distilled water, and aloe vera



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