Chaga Cacao & Balsam Drink Mix
Chaga Cacao & Balsam Drink Mix

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Chaga, Cacao, & Balsam Drink Mix

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Chaga, Cacao, and Balsam Drink Mix

Rich, indulgent hot cacao with the added antioxidant power of Chaga Mù§hΓóóm, which are also a nutrient-dense superfood. Chaga Mù§hΓóóms contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They help to slow the aging process, lower cholesterol, prevent and fight cancer, lower blood pressure, support the immune system, fight inflammation, and lower blood sugar.

This mix also contains the healing properties of balsam fir; the resin is anti-scorbutic, dia-phoretic, diuretic, stimulant and tonic. The needles are beneficial in treating coughs and colds, and are one of the most effective natural treatments of a sore throat. Effective in treatment of asthma, and beneficial for pain relief. 

Ingredients: powdered drink mix of Chaga Mushrooms, Rich, dark chocolate, and balsam fir resin and needles

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