Custom Ritual Workings Road Opener To Clear Blockages & Open Pathways All Things You Wish Achieve.
Custom Ritual Workings Cleansing/healing: Remove Negativity/anxiety/depression/nightmares Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Cord Cutting; Personal Life Love Or Business Related Work
Custom Ritual Workings Protection: Block Negativity And Envy - Hex Breaking Personal/home/business
Custom Ritual Workings Love Workings: Self - Improvement Road Opening Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Work
Custom Ritual Workings Blockbuster Work

The Jagged Path

Custom Ritual Workings

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Workings will be initiated within 2 weeks. Emergency consideration available.

My practice/experience include folk magic, southern folk magic, wisewoman, rootwork, herbs, roots, oils, crystals, trees, storm water, washes- waters- colognes, petition & disposal at the crossroads/cemetery, buying graveyard dirt, filled/dressed candles, plus more.

My work covers consultation, exchange of info and/or personal items of concern of the subject, pictures & other documentation of your completed ritual.

Each working includes a hand-loaded, dressed & fixed candle, a personalized petition, & the use of corresponding oil, powder, stones, herbs, and incense, followed by the proper disposal of leftover spell remnants.

I use the appropriate evocations, prayers, offerings, and tools to complete your working.

The following areas are some in which I've had success:

Love: self love, self improvement, road opening

Money: job, raise, attract success, get monies owed to you

Cleansing/Healing: remove negativity, anxiety/depression/nightmares

Road Opening: any area in life and relationships-- personal and professional

Protection: block negativity and envy,

Hex-Breaking etc.-- personal, home, or business.

Sour jars, Sweetening jars, Hotfoot jar, Prosperity Jar, and Love Drawing Jar

After finalizing invoice for chosen ritual, send email to, with "ritual" in the subject line, explaining, in as much detail as possible, your problem & hopeful resolution. 

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."
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02 March 2022
United States United States
I recommend this product


Forget what the pres says--our economy has not rebounded, jobs and workforces have not resolved their conflicts, and clearly, our overseas conflicts haven't ceased. Covid hit me hard; I lost my mom, I lost my job, I lost all security, and I nearly lost my mind. My life felt like every single road or path was blocked you and it felt as if everything was inhibiting my ability to move on. Enter Bobbi and the most powerful and effective Open Road ritual I've ever had performed-- December, 2021. Within the week, I had 3 confirmed job interviews. GOOD OPPORTUNITIES! I was able to pick the one best suited to me. I've recently began talking to a great person, so we'll see where that goes. And my shitty landlord got his ass in gear and fixed the problems within my home. If you need any sorta spiritual warfare on your behalf,I highly recommend this service.

01 March 2022
United States United States
I recommend this product

Sweet Revenge

I am so thankful to have been led to Bobbie to help me address some issues in my life. I was looking specifically for someone unafraid to cause some ripples, and Bobbie's work literally jumped out at me. I was facing a very ugly situation with a person that I believed was a friend, but soon became an enemy. This bitch broke up my marriage, tried to take my kids, ruined my reputation, and damn near cost be my job. I finally had had enough, and could see only red. Revenge was in quick order. I contacted Bobbie on a Wednesday afternoon, purchased a custom ritual workings, with an emergency bump up, and she had my ritual going by Saturday (it only took this long bc we were waiting for the best day, for multiple reasons, to begin the work). Five days later, the skank lost HER job, rather than her tall tales costing me mine. Did I forget to mention that we're co-workers? Well, we were. A few other people involved in all this drama got exactly what they deserved, as well. They messed with the wrong Bitch, with the wrong Witch in my corner. Revenge is so sweet. *Kicking back, sipping a Martini*



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