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Datura Tincture

The Jagged Path

Datura Tincture

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Datura is helpful for headaches, insomnia, stress, rheumatism, new and old bone injuries, deep tissue bruising and/or bruising of bones, bone on bone injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel, as well as joint and tendon issues.

It also aids with depression and anxiety and helps to calm frayed nerves.

Used in rituals, Datura is used to more effectively commune with spirits, and with one’s ancestors.

Other uses include the banishing of spirits and protection from malicious spirits.

A slightly larger dosage can be used to experience Datura’s sedative and/or aphrodisiac properties.

You will receive one, 30 ml, dark glass, dropper bottle. Plant material(s) for this ointment is grown, harvested, tincted, and poured by me.

Ingredients include Datura Inoxia, gluten-free alcohol, and distilled water. Not intended for use by anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Consult health care professional before use if you have glaucoma, heart, liver, or kidney issues. This product should not come into contact with mucous membranes, children, or pets. Shelf life is up to 5 years after purchase.



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