Divine 𐌔ex Kit
Divine 𐌔ex Kit

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Divine 𐌔ex Kit

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Divine 𐌔ex Kit

Divine Sex Kit is comprised of heady aphrodisiacs and heart-focused herbs, which comingle to create a flawless combination for carnal awakening and bliss. Ideal to share with a partner or solo, this delicious creation stimulates and arouses the spirit, mind, and body.

Divine Sex Kit contains:

Enraptured Elixir: Goji Berries, Hibiscus Blooms, and Schisandra Berries. Formulated with strong aphrodisiacs, my elixir helps to awaken the spirit and flood the body with passion and light. A luscious elixir to share with a companion, or to keep completely to yourself.

Enchantment Dust: Ingredients known to ignite one’s essence and provide an overall euphoric feeling. Contains flowers and berries proven to nurture reproductive organs, help curtail stress and anxiety, and alleviate overloaded nerves. Formulated to be lightly dusted upon the skin.

Rose Body Oil: Moisturizes and enhances skin. Imbued with skin hydrating moringa seed oil, nourishing plants, and adaptogens, believed to heal and boost body’s collagen and elastin generation. May safeguard from oxidative harm, by keeping the skin supple, silky, and luminous.

CദD-ivine Blend: A delicate blend of hemp flowers, damiana, blue lotus, and rose, form a union that assists in the opening of the heart, while fostering feelings of happiness.

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