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Dream Herb—Calea Zacatechichi tincture

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Mexican Dream Herb—Calea Zacatechichi

Calea dream herb is one of many plants that shamans and dreamwalkers of the Chontal tribe have been using for ages to enhance their dreams.

Calea doesn't induce a strong change in consciousness, but its use does result in intense and clear dreams.

Using plants in order to induce lively, visionary dreams is called oneiromancy.

Shamans use their dreams to gain new insights and receive guidance from spirits. When the tribess wanted to find the cause of someone's illness, a specific location or a missing person, they used the plant to find the answers in their dreams.

Calea has a completely different effect from the other herbs.

One will barely notice any direct effects during wakefulness, other than feeling a bit more relaxed and tired. Your perception may become a little sharper and colors might become more intense, but only a sensitive psychonaut would notice these very slight effects.

The real magic of Calea is found within REM sleep cycles. Therefore, it's recommended to take Calea either before going to sleep, or by implementing the WBTB (wake back to bed) technique.

Suffering from insomnia, I typically don't dream, and I certainly don't recall my dreams. I've also never been successful at lucid dreaming. (I blame this on the insomnia.)

Calea is a natural sleep aid and can help those suffering with insomnia. It helps you fall asleep naturally while at the same time, increasing the chances of experiencing lucid dreaming.

After creating and using a tincture made from Calea leaves, I can personally report sharpened perception, enhanced imagination, rapid emergence of new ideas, followed by sleepiness and vivid dreams while asleep. I also experienced way more imagery as I was falling asleep; crazy colors, shapes and lines blending into one another.

One thing to note—Calea does NOT increase the chance of sleep paralysis—big plus!!

When taking calea, your dreams will have much more clarity, and they’ll be much more vivid. The dreams you’ll experience on calea will feel more REAL, and everything will have a certain stability to it. This stability helps to assure that you will not awaken, simply from the excitement you might experience in your dream.

One very common report is experiencing dreams that have a slightly “weird” vibe to them. Many users report landing on alien planets, seeing strange people, animals and things that they normally wouldn't dream about.

If, like me, you normally have fairly ‘bland’ or boring dreams, you’ll notice a huge difference in the “realness" and vividness of your dreams.

It is already known that calea contains a high number of flavones and sesquiterpene lactones. Two of the sesquiterpene lactones, called kaleicin and kalechromene are believed to be responsible for the mind-altering effect.

Therapeuticly, Calea is effective against diarrhea, asthma, fever and stomach aches.

Studies also indicate that it appears to have a diabetes reducing quality, albeit very mild.

Certain components of calea also turned out to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Other substances present in calea are effective against certain bacteria.

One study showed that the plant also has an analgesic effect.

The plant material in this tincture is grown, harvested, dried, and prepared by me, personally-- all under the most beneficial moon phase.

As with all of my products, this tincture is created in small batches, in order to assure freshness and potency. Each batch is tested by me, before offering it to you. Each individual bottle is placed on my altar and charged with positive energy and intent before ever leaving my hands.

You will receive a 30 ml, dark colored glass bottle of tincture. I advise storing this in a cool, dark area. Following these suggestions, your tincture should be shelf stable for up to 3 years.

I am not a trained medical professional. I AM a trained §møk£ist, and I prepare and sample each batch of product before offering it to anyone else. Ingredients: Calea, grain alcohol, and distilled water.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."
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05 January 2021
Jeanette M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I can rely on this product.

On the mornings when I come home (I work overnight) and can't get much needed sleep, I take some of the Mexican Dream Herb tincture. It calms down my mind and allows me to relax. I would reccomend this tincture for anyone who has trouble sleeping.



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