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Elderflower Honey

The Jagged Path

Elderflower Honey

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Elderflowers come and go so quickly! This honey is one way to enjoy the scent and taste of these beautiful little white flowers, all year long. 

Not only is this elderflower honey delicious, it is also an effective remedy for sore throats, early-season colds, and allergies.

I love adding a heaping teaspoon of this honey to fresh lemon juice and carbonated water for a refreshing, sparkling lemonade.

Drizzled over ice cream or a hot slice of pie, added to tea or a cup of warm milk, enjoyed by the spoonful, or even added to a hot bath or used as a face scrub. The uses are endless.

Crafted with ethically sourced honey and Elderflowers, organically grown by The Jagged Path.

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