Elixir Of The Sun Tincture
Elixir Of The Sun Tincture
Elixir Of The Sun Tincture
Elixir Of The Sun Tincture
Elixir Of The Sun Tincture

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Elixir of the Sun tincture

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Sun Opener aka Sinicuichi tincture

The sun opener plant is a member of the pomegranate family. This flower is fond of wetlands, including river sides, stream sides, and soggy brush lands.

Aids in astral travel and lucid dreaming, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-spasmodic, vasodilator, improved memory, divination, access to ancestor knowledge, muscle relaxer, heightened state of relaxation and euphoria, aids in fertility

Sun opener, offering a tender and loving spirit, is superior for those looking to connect with their ancestors.

Sinicuichi is deeply engrained in the Aztec spiritual history. The Aztec included the plant in their political-religious ceremonies; it is depicted on the Aztec Prince of Flowers deity, Xochipili.

Therapeuticly, indigenous tribes have utilized sun opener to treat parasitic infections and high fevers. Open wounds were covered with the plant to stop blood loss.

Sun opener contains lythrine, known to possess diuretic properties and heimidine, known to possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Sun opener also contains sedative properties.

Cryogene, found in sun opener, is a known anti-spasmodic and tranquilizer.

When combined with nesodine, also found in sun opener, these compounds are more effective than aspirin. Due to its vasodilator properties, sun opener reduces blood pressure, by temporarily widening blood vessels. Additionally, this can slightly cool the body of the user.

Short term use of sun opener is reported to improve memory.

Due in part to its effects, sun opener is correlated with the sun; it is also referred to as the Elixir of the Sun.

The plant contains vertine, aka cryogenine, reportedly its most significant compound.

Historically, the plant was used by shamans for divination; it provides access to the knowledge of one’s ancestors and allows the user to witness past events as they unfolded.

For this reason, sun opener is known as a trance divination catalyst. It has reportedly allowed “access to memories you didn’t even know you had”.

Traditionally, an Aztec priest would prepare a sun tea with this plant. The UV rays would react with and slightly alter the chemicals of the plant. Consuming this elixir provided clear and vivid memories of past events, a relaxed state, slight euphoria, and enhanced color awareness, oftentimes depicted as “seeing in gold”.

Smoking dried leaves of the plant produce much the same effects.

Sun opener’s distinctive effects led to the plant being revered as a spiritual tool, deserving of respect.

There have been no known reports of negative side effects from using Sun opener.

This plant has been utilized by indigenous tribes for centuries. You will receive a dark glass bottle with dropper.

Sun opener plant, gluten free alcohol, spring water

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."
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26 February 2021
Shelly P.
United States United States
I recommend this product


This is an amazing product. I felt an overwhelming calming effect. I also was able have beautifully vivid dreams. It was almost as if I was going the an old photo album that I may or may not have seen before. It is such a life changing experience.



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