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Facial Steam
Facial Steam

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Facial Steam

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Facial Steaming boosts circulation and hydration; it's also extremely relaxing.

The humidity and warmth of the steam sends a rush of oxygen and blood to the skin's surface.

Enhanced skin circulation is necessary to remove bacteria and toxins, improve skin's elasticity, fight aging, and banishing dull skin.

A facial steaming will leave you with deeply cleaned pores and a refreshed, healthy glow!

Think of a facial steam as a warm, relaxing cup of tea, only for your face! You face can experience the same soul-soothing benefits that your favorite tea offers; nourished, nurtured, and either calm or uplifted--depending on the blend.

The best part is that obtaining the benefits is super simple and will be felt and seen almost instantaneously!

At the moment, I have two botanical facial steam blends to choose from.

One is for radiant skin, and contains cornflower, rose, hibiscus, jasmine, and calendula.

The second is for calming irritated or inflamed skin and includes passionflower, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, and calendula.

Please make your choice in the drop down menu below. All of the herbs/flowers used in these blends have been grown, harvested, dried, and prepared by me personally. I create them in very small batches, assuring the freshness of each blend.



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