Flight and Fancy
Flight and Fancy
Flight and Fancy
Flight and Fancy
Flight and Fancy

The Jagged Path

Flight and Fancy

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Flight and Fancy

The first of a few creations made solely for flight work. This tincture is excellent for any sex magic ritual, necromancy ritual, astral travel, divination, curse work, and/or enjoyable flight work. This blend includes many entheogenic plants and will aid you in rising high above your daily consciousness. Take flight and enjoy!

Blackberry brambles – protection, abundance, luck, and grounding
Hawthorn – ward off spirits, loving and protective
Calamus – Luck, healing, money, protection, and healing properties
Black Walnut – used to put jinxes on people and to cause one to β€œfall out of love”
Rattlesnake Rattler and Skin – considered lucky charms and/or personal power token
Datura – banish spirits, protection from malicious spirits, commune with spirits and one’s ancestors
Mandrake – purification and protection, sex magic, astral travel, divination, mental enhancement, lucid dreaming
Belladonna – astral projection, protection, reaching an altered state of mind, glamour magic, necromancy workings, and as a grounding aid
Henbane – Necromancy workings

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