Fly Agaric Spagyric
Fly Agaric Spagyric
Fly Agaric Spagyric
Fly Agaric Spagyric
Fly Agaric Spagyric

The Jagged Path

Fly Agaric Spagyric

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In my workings, I have found a calling to heal not only the body with plants, but also the more subtle levels of the mind, emotions and spirit.

While I love and will always be committed to creating my flower essences and tinctures, these forms of preparation are lacking in the physiological attributes of the plants, utilizing their chemistry.

A spagyric formulation concentrates the physiological, energetic and spiritual properties of the plants. Through the synergy of alchemy and clinical §møk£ism, I am able to create a formulation that offers a transformative level of healing for my clients.

The Spagyric, the medical branch of Alchemy, was and is, the ultimate exponent of holistic and hermetic health.

“Spagyric” comes from the Greek words “spaein” (divide) and “agarein” (unite). Dividing and uniting represent the basis of the Spagyric processing method. This method of extraction was defined by Paracelsus in the 16th century and is still utilized today by a handful of manufacturers to create the highest quality, handcrafted remedies available.

Spagyric /spəˈdʒɪrɪk/ is a word in English that means "alchemy". In its original use, the word spagyric was commonly used synonymously with the word alchemy, however, in more recent times it has often been adopted by alternative medicine theorists and various techniques of holistic medicine.

Spagyric refers to a plant tincture which has had the ash of the calcined plant added back.

Originally, it was recognized that an extract using alcohol could not be expected to contain all the Therapeutic properties from a living plant, and so the ash or mineral component (as a result of the calcination process) of the plant was prepared separately and then added back to 'augment' the alcoholic tincture.

Spagyrics are believed to have superior Therapeutic properties to simple alcohol tinctures. This is due to the formation of soap-like compounds from the essential oils and the basic salts contained within the ash.

"The basis of matter was the alchemical trinity of principles – salt, sulfur, and mercury. Salt was the principle of fixity (non-action) and in-combustibility; mercury was the principle of fusibility (ability to melt and flow) and volatility; and sulfur was the principle of inflammability."

The three primal alchemical properties and their correspondence in spagyric remedy are: Mercury = water elements, representing the life essence of the plant, the very alcohol extract of the plant is the carrier of the life essence. Salt = earth element, representing the vegetable salts extracted from calcined ashes of plant body. Sulfur = fire element, virtue of plant, representing the volatile oil essence of the plant.

In a spagyric, the energetics and the chemical aspects of the plant are maintained to the fullest extent.

A spagyric is more bio-available, making the plant's compounds more potent and effective.

Spagyrically-processed remedies are clean, highly concentrated, and easy to absorb, even for a compromised digestive system, making them ideal for addressing causative factors in a timely, gentle, and highly effective manner.

The Spagyric processing method is able to make use of the entire plant, including the water-soluble and oil-soluble components and mineral-rich pulp.

Traditional methods of extraction utilize either an infusion or decoction method which extracts only the water-soluble properties, or utilize a tincture method which only extracts the oil-soluble properties, or process raw materials into powders or tablets which require more effort from the body to assimilate, and therefore, are not immediately made available to the body.

Spagyric processing is an intricate science that is labor intensive, time-consuming, and highly specific. A single batch of a Spagyrically-processed Energetix remedy takes a minimum of forty days to produce.

The beauty of the Alchemical process is that the supplement is designed to operate on multiple levels of one’s being.

For a physical issue, a tincture can be taken at a full dose (generally 1-3 droppers) alone or mixed with a beverage to make it more palatable. 1-to-3 times a day is generally suggested. The purpose is to get a sufficient quantity of the plant's active physical components into one’s system. Taking the tincture on a full stomach will slow down the process.

For a more subtle issue, the same physical dose can be administered, but how it is taken becomes more important.

Depending on one’s sensitivities, 1 dropper or less might be sufficient.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Allow the mind to calm down. Hold an intention to your purpose in taking the tincture. Dilute it if necessary, but notice the taste of the tincture. The taste sends information to your body about what is coming and gives your body a chance to respond.

If the tincture is being taken for meditative or astrological purposes, the best way is to take a measured quantity on an empty stomach shortly before, or even in, meditation or ritual. That setting already has the power to bring the awareness deeper into the psyche, and so the psychic effects of the herb and planetary influence may appear more pronounced.

I perform the plant's alcohol extraction, the mineral extraction, followed by the recombination of all, completing the spagyric process, and leaving a FULL extract of the plant/Mù§hΓóóm. The tincture now contains all of the acids, oils, and minerals that the plant originally had, but now in a more potent and purified form.

In this way, the energetics and the chemical aspects of the plant are maintained to the fullest extent.

This form is more bio-available, making the plant's compounds more potent and effective.

A small does of either a tincture or an ointment made from flyagaric can cause a feeling of weightlessness, visual and auditory hypersensitivity, space distortion, unawareness of time, and colored hallucinations; feelings of euphoria or invincibility are also oftentimes reported.

Fly agaric has also been used as a sedative aid, leading to a deep sleep with vivid dreams.

While fly agaric is most popular for stories of its psychedelic properties, dosing with properly prepared plant material, also offers a plethora of amazing health benefits.

These Mù§hΓóóms also alter the perception of sight, sounds, etc., (the senses) and change/enhance the feelings and thoughts of the user.

I have personally dried these Mù§hΓóóm caps, and personally prepared this formula, using gluten-free, grain alcohol and distilled water.

You will receive a 30 ml, dark colored glass bottle of tincture.

I advise storing this in a cool, dark area. Following these suggestions, your tincture should be shelf stable for up to 3 years.

I am not a trained medical professional. I AM a trained §møk£ist, and I prepare and sample each batch of product before offering it to anyone else. I offer the safest poison one can find :)

ingredients: fly agaric Mù§hΓóóm tops, grain alcohol, distilled water.

*Presented for educational purposes; sold as a curio only.* *"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health conditions or diseases."*
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12 October 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product

I feel free

This is amazing. This tincture has opened my eyes and my heart. Subtle change in perception that sharpens joy as well as empathy. I feel spiritually connected and euphoric without feeling impaired or anxious in any way. Also induces a sense of strength that allows for vulnerability and humility. What a wonderful sense to bring to life.

03 October 2021
Victoria M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Always the best

Reliable, communicates, beautifully packaged with love. High quality

15 July 2021
United States United States
I recommend this product

The Amazing Mystery ~|~ Within & With Out

The Best Service, Quality, Crafted, Care & Above all effective products in its category! The real deal!!! Fly Agaric Spagyric especially (AMANITA MUSCARIA)! It is my favorite Elixir for the mind, body & spirit!!! Thank You Bobbi! You are the best refined, dedicated, sophisticated herbalist I have ever encountered! So sincerely into my heart. I hope that more people will get the chance to try your Art pieces of herbal creations because that’s what your products really are!? A piece of Art!!! Created from a naturally born, authentic, knowledgeable, true passionate, legit, with a mission to be an evolved & connected to the spirits of plants herbalist! In order to share their healing properties by manifesting it trough your amazing soul. Many Blessings ❤️

03 April 2021
Sara c.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Incredible alchemist

All of the products I have ordered from here have been absolutely amazing. Bobby is an incredible alchemist. These products are helping me heal some deep wounds and they have all exceeded my expectations. She packages the orders in such a adorable way and is a very kind giving person from my experience. Thank you!

15 December 2020
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing product

I have used the Fly agaric tincture and it's been lovely. I had a good experience with it. It's helping me heal some very painful experiences. After I take it I'm very relaxed.

06 December 2020
United States United States
I recommend this product

Smooth walking on the Jagged Path

Everything was excellent - great service and great products. I highly recommend this store.



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