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Gruss Vom Krampus Anointing Oil Anointing Oil

The Jagged Path

Gruss Vom Krampus anointing oil

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Everyone knows Santa Claus, the saintly figure who represents the lighter side of the holiday. However, do you know of his devilish companion, Krampus?

The legend of Krampus derives from a centuries-old holiday tradition in Germany. Krampus was created as a sinister counterpart to the kindly St. Nicholas, who rewarded children with sweets & toys. 

Krampus also has origins in pagan celebrations. He name is derived from an old Germanic word for “claw,” & he is said to be the son of Hel, who rules the realm of the dead in Norse mythology. 

Bearing long horns and a goaty beard, the so-called ‘Christmas Devil’ travels the land with Santa & punishes naughty children. Krampus is traditionally armed with chains and a bundle of birch branches to swat the bottoms of children on the ‘naughty list’. It is customary for poor Krampus to fall under attack by those who don’t find a wrathful demon appropriate for children.

The fiendish holiday icon appears on the eve of Dec. 6, known as Krampus Night. The following morning children check shoes they left out to see if they have received presents or a rod for their parents to discipline them with. 

Use to anoint would-be Krampus victims, or any offering or tools of your craft. This proprietary blend smells of Birch switches, brimstone, cloven hoof remnants, black leather...a smooth, devilish, unisex fragrance. It is created with the essence of Birch & Cedar, & red in color, in representation of the legend & the season. This is a special edition/seasonal offer. There will only be 10 available.

As with all of my products, this is a vegan friendly, incorporating earth friendly & repurposable packaging. 

These will begin shipping November 27th, 2020.  



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