Krampus Loaded Candle Altar Candle
Krampus Loaded Candle Altar Candle

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Krampus Loaded Candle Altar Candle

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Krampus Loaded Candle

Available in either white or green wax, these are 7 day candles, perfect for ritual use or simply to enhance the ambiance in a location. I love burning these on my altar during this time of year.

With the scent of Christmas' past, this candle is loaded with seasonal resins and herbs, and topped with a sprinkling of black "coal" diamond dust and ground Birch branches.

The labels created for this candle include a depiction of Krampus standing among a smoldering fire, embers floating all around him. Also on the label is a short explanation of who and what Krampus and the tradition is all about.

There are a VERY limited supply of these.

GRUß VOM KRAMPUS (Greetings from the Krampus) - A mythological creature known throughout the Alpine countries, with roots in Germanic folklore, the history of the Krampus figure stretches back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions.

According to legend, Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas during the Christmas season, warning and punishing bad children, in contrast to St. Nicholas, who gives gifts to good children.

When the Krampus finds a particularly naughty child, it stuffs the child in its sack and carries the frightened child away to its lair, presumably to devour for its Christmas dinner. Krampus is typically seen as a goat-horned beast-like, hairy creature with a long red lolling tongue, and generally demonic in appearance.

For people in the alpine regions, celebrating Krampus is as much a part of winter customs as taking photos with Santa Claus is to those of us in the states.

The Yuletide traditions begin in early December and continue throughout the month. Although some of these celebrations may seem ghoulish to those that think of Christmas as “the most wonderful time of the year”, they’re a way of celebrating the dark and light parts of the season.




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