Lemon and Rosemary Infused Honey
Lemon and Rosemary Infused Honey

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Lemon and Rosemary Infused Honey

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Lemon and Rosemary Infused Honey

When added to honey, lemon helps to clear up acne, removes bad breath, clears chest congestion, removes constipation, detoxes the body, improves digestion, acts as a natural diuretic, is a low calorie energy drink, boosts the immune system, fights infections, cleans intestines, clears throat infection, balances PH, improves metabolism, clears UTI, gives the skin a young, radiant look, and helps to reduce weight.

Rosemary is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, natural anti-stress aid, has anti-cancer properties, helps digestion, is a natural pain reliever, relives gout, improves brain health, is a natural stimulant, improves memory, aids in circulation, helps to relieve the discomforts of rheumatism, calms adrenal fatigue, and helps concentration.

Add all of these together, and you have a delicious, powerhouse system boost for your whole body!!

Say goodbye to the nasties!

Made from local, clover honey, warmed and infused with lemon and rosemary.

*Presented for educational purposes; sold as a curio only. Statements not reviewed by the FDA. Information not meant to take the place of medical advice. *



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