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Licorice digestive bitters
Licorice digestive bitters
Licorice digestive bitters

The Jagged Path

Licorice digestive bitters

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Licorice bitters mingles the woody, sweet taste from Licorice root with, just noticeable notes of spicy Anise Seed and invigorating orange peel.

Digestive bitters help to alleviate minor discomforts such as bloating, gas, and cramps of the digestive system.

Also, bitters encourage a balanced, healthy appetite by priming the digestive system to receive food.

Recent research suggest that natural digestive bitters also help to encourage healthy digestion by reducing sugar cravings, encouraging healthy gut flora, and can also control one's appetite during weight loss and fasting.

I make all of my bitters in small batches, assuring quality control. I start each batch during the dark moon, then extract them during the full moon. This assures the most positive energetic properties possible.

Each of my bitters formula--each individual bottle-- offers a hearty extract of a specific botanical, rich in full bodied taste and positive energy.

Bitters are perfect not only for digestive health, but also for ritual work. They make a unique flavor enhancement for mixed drinks or food recipes.

These licorice bitters add a unique kick to any vinaigrette recipe, and a few droppersfull, mixed into a glaze, then brushed onto hot cinnamon buns is divine!

In addition to being started and completed under the ideal phases of the moon, I have personally charged each bottle of bitters with love and positive energy. All it needs now is your intent and imagination.

Suggestions for use: one dropper full is all that is needed to get the full benefit of this delicious herbal extract.

For use as a flavor enhancement:

Mild: 1-2 dropper fulls per cup

Moderate: 3-4 dropper fulls per cup

Strong: 5+ dropper fulls per cup

Not intended for use by anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding



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