Lily Of The Valley Flower Essence
Lily of the Valley Flower Essence

The Jagged Path

Lily of the Valley Flower Essence

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Lily of the Valley Flower Essence (Convallaria majalis; Liliaceae )



I embrace life with an open heart.

I embrace my own uniqueness.


Lily of the Valley helps to create "the empty cup" so that what we truly need can find the space within us and enter in. It is about learning to trust the forces that created us in the first place. For cynicism and disbelief.


Lily Of The Valley Flower Essence allows us to tap into our 3rd eye chakra, allowing us to strengthen our connection between our human brain and our higher self. This integration allows us to have faith in our intuition and incorporate our spirituality into daily life.


Lily-of-the-Valley flower essence helps us to restore our innocence and trust our own beautiful intentions. Open up to a more child-like quality of life, full of purity, beauty and simplicity.


For children ~ it resonates deeply with their already attuned essence and helps them validate their inner world.



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