Lucid Slumber Incense/smoke Blend
Lucid Slumber Incense/smoke Blend

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Lucid Slumber Incense/smoke blend

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Have you ever experienced a dream in which you knew you were dreaming? Are you able to control your own actions and thoughts while dreaming?

While it isn't guaranteed to make one capable of lucid dreaming, this blend is specifically created to encourage a relaxed, dream state, and also to set the stage for you to be able to intuitively decipher your dreams as well.

In order to experience lucid dreaming, one has to train their mind to notice their own consciousness. The first step to this comes with relaxation. That is where this blend comes in.

I have created this blend from herbs associated with dreaming; mugwort, peppermint, lavender, rose, jasmine, and chamomile.

Did you know that lucid dreaming actually has therapeutic health benefits? Lucid dreaming has been successfully used to treat conditions like recurring nightmares, anxiety, and even PTSD. (research performed by Dr. Stephen LaBerge)

Lucid dreaming also opens a portal to dream work/ dream magic.

All of the herbs contained within this blend have been grown, picked, dried, and prepared by me, during the most beneficial moon phase. They have been prepared in small batches to assure freshness.

This blend burns beautifully on a charcoal disk. If preferred, it can also be used as a §møk£ blend.

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