Monkshood Flower Essence

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Monkshood Flower Essence

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Monkshood Flower Essence

Do you find it difficult to be in close physical contact with others? Do you feel a bewildered sense of spiritual self? Are you frightened of connecting to your shadow self?

Monkshood Flower Essence delivers support and protection for touching base with the innermost levels of the spirit; enhances your ability to intermingle with others by cultivating a clear perception of your own Divine self.

Monkshood helps one accept responsibility for the less attractive pieces of our being, of our characters.  The parts that we might find frightening to confront at and acknowledge. It supports the building of relationships between the visible and the hidden - the light and dark. Own the more challenging aspects of yourself by learning to have more empathy for these parts.

Monkshood Flower Essence introduces an energy that encourages the acceptance of all of oneself. It fosters a feeling of reality to being completely human – a sense of stability, empowering us to become more acquainted with the underworld, but not getting lost in it.

This essence aids us most during the moments when we are facing the darker side of our being, for it aids self-compassion and enhances understanding of what it truly means to be human. It serves as a gently reminder that we grow to be a stronger and more whole individual when we learn to accept all the facets of ourselves.

Flower essences do not target specific physical illnesses, but rather the moods and the negative emotions which lead to their manifestation. 

Flower essences are truly straight from the “laboratory of nature”. All four alchemical elements are present in an essence. Water, Air, earth, and fire all harmoniously blend beautifully, leaving only the spirit element, which is fulfilled by the sensitive awareness and attunement of the preparer, and further by the user.

A flower essence is an example of sympathetic magic that were first used to aid those with emotional pain, i.e., lonesomeness, dread, sorrow insecurity, oversensitivity, weariness, and suffering.

Each plant contains a unique energy vibration pattern, and the pinnacle of this energy is the flower.

Using flower essences is a simple, natural way to grow and heal, as the essence functions as a catalyst for transformation, at a deep emotional level. 

As with all my products, this tincture is created in small batches, ensuring freshness and potency. It is Vegan and gluten-free. The flowers in this tincture were òrgαñìçally grown by The Jagged Path.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Sold as Curio only."



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