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The Jagged Path

Morning Dew Herbal Oxymel

Morning Dew Herbal Oxymel

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Morning Dew Wildfire Oxymel

Since starting The Jagged Path, I have developed friendships with people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. I have had many people come to me, looking for relief from countless afflictions. Some accounts that have most affected me have come from those living in wildfire prone areas. I have been quick to recommend “X” tincture or “X” tea, but ultimately, I wanted to create a formula specifically tailored to those enduring the effects of living in an area plagued with wildfire smoke and air particulates.

“…clouds bellied out in the sultry heat, the sky cracked open with a crimson gash, spewed flame-and the ancient forest began to smoke. By morning there was a mass of booming, fiery tongues, a hissing, crashing, howling all around, half the sky black with smoke, and the bloodied sun just barely visible.”

Wildfire smoke is a complex mixture of burning materials and comes from many different fuel sources, such as vegetation, building materials, furniture, automobiles, and anything that is in the path of the burning fire. Smoke is comprised of gases, water vapors, and fine particulates that can cause irritation and inflammation to your respiratory system, irritate your eyes, and clog the pores of your skin.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by the incomplete burning of wood and other materials. Carbon monoxide can make you feel quite ill, as it displaces oxygen, and in extreme conditions, can be deadly. Other gases and pollutants that can be released during a fire are acrolein and formaldehyde which are very dangerous irritants to the respiratory system.

In general, it is the fine particulates and gases that wreak havoc on your body. Larger particulates often do not reach the lungs, but can be serious irritants to the eyes, nose, and throat. When the particulates are smaller, they can be inhaled into the lungs and bronchial system and have the potential to pose a greater health risk.

Some common health effects of wildfire smoke on the body can include: respiratory irritation, scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing, runny nose or nosebleed, aggravated asthma, cardiovascular stress, rapid heartbeat, aggravated heart disease, disrupted endocrine system (fight, flight, freeze response activated), irritability, grief, sadness, feeling out of the ordinary emotions, insomnia, fatigue or exhaustion, headache, digestion upset, nausea or loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea, stressed immune system, stinging, burning, watering eyes, skin irritations, rashes, dry or sensitive skin, eczema, and acne.

After thorough research and a few test formulas, I have created a respiratory support oxymel to address the stressors that can affect lung functioning ability. In addition to the support offered by the included herbs, this oxymel is alcohol-free. Not only is it a kid-friendly formulation, but it is also appropriate for adults wanting or needing to avoid alcohol, and it provides a natural digestive assistance probiotic. The result is a shelf-stable, versatile, and delightfully tasty creation that can be enjoyed by itself or mixed into your preferred liquid. (Vegan option available—just ask)

This oxymel includes a powerhouse smoke blend, consisting of Marshmallow root, Mullein, Elecampane, Licorice Root, Elderberry, Elderflower, Rosehips, Peppermint, Ashwagandha, and Wild Cherry Bark.

Marshmallow Root - contains demulcent (moisturizing) properties. It helps to coat and soothe inflamed tissues and is great for a sore throat. Marshmallow root has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for hydration.

Mullein – soothing and moisturizing, helps soothe a hacking cough or irritated throat, has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps loosen phlegm and mucus.

Elecampane – used to quiet coughs, and serves as an expectorant, helping loosen phlegm.

Licorice Root – sweet tasting, anti-inflammatory, and demulcent that helps soothe and protect the nose, throat, and mucus membranes. Helpful for sore throats, coughs, and congestion. Relieves adrenal exhaustion, due to adaptogen properties.

Elderberry – anti-viral, helping stave off and reduce the duration of illnesses. Rich source of Vitamin C

Elderflower – helpful in treating upper respiratory symptoms. Elderflower has a long-standing history with healers.

Rosehips – Rich source of Vitamin C. Helps immune system fight off infection and inflammation.

Peppermint – helps to relieve clogged sinuses and fights off bacterial infections

Wild Cherry Bark – expectorant and cough-suppressing properties

Ashwagandha – enhances immune system

This formula is also great for asthma sufferers, bronchitis, cough, congestion, flu, sinus infection, etc.

As with all my offerings, this oxymel was created in a small-batch formula to ensure potency and freshness. All of the herbs included were grown or ethically sourced by The Jagged Path.

When stored in a cool, dark space, this oxymel should be shelf-stable for a minimum of 6 months. Refrigeration will lengthen this time. Usage suggestion will be included.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

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