Mystical 7 Mushroom & Cocoa Indulgent Adaptogen Mix

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Mystical 7 Mushroom & Cocoa, Indulgent Adaptogen Mix

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Mystical 7 mix

Mushroom, & cocoa indulgent adaptogen mix

Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, and Chaga Mù§hΓóóms—7 of the most revered Mù§hΓóóms on the planet. This mix is adaptogenic, immune-boosting, and nootropic. It is longevity-promoting and health-optimizing; a tΓúε superfood, on its own. With the addition of òrgαñìç, raw, unsweetened cocoa powder, you couldn’t ask for more!

Contains fruiting bodies of all Mushrooms listed, no mycelium on grain. These were processed by hot water extraction, which breaks down the Mù§hΓóóms’ cell walls to optimize the bioavailability of beneficial compounds. The end product is a nutrient-dense Mù§hΓóóm with earthy, chocolatey, malty characteristics, and a higher Beta-Glucan, mineral, and mycocompound content. All of the Mù§hΓóóms used are òrgαñìç, non GMO, Vegan friendly, gluten free, and sugar free.

The Therapeutic Mushrooms offer immune health and cancer fighting properties. They contain D-glucen, which modulates the immune system and helps to bring balance to an over-or-under active immune system.

Reishi is known as the longevity herb/elixir of life. Chaga is known as the king of the Therapeutic Mù§hΓóóms for its immune stimulating and modulation properties and its ability to combat oxidative stress. Cordyceps has specifically been studied for its cancer prevention as well as its ability to increase stamina.

Arriba Nacional, Criollo, òrgαñìç, raw, unroasted, non alkalized, natural, unsweetened cocoa is pure nutrition for your brain, skin, and heart. It is packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It contains no added sugar, is non GMO, and vegan friendly. Great for heart health and for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Also beneficial at lowering blood sugar, and is a rich source of magnesium and iron. It will leave you feeling more energized, alert, and will surely help to lift your spirits. Contains more antioxidants than blueberries, green tea, and red wine combined. This mix is a fantastic, anti-aging superfood!

Have a serious chocolate craving? Why not squash that craving while supporting your health and longevity, all at the same time?

Incredibly smooth and slightly earthy flavor that is well balanced with a bit of sweetness.

This can be mixed with water or milk/milk substitute of your choice (I prefer almond milk), used as a dessert topping, or used for baking. The possibilities are truly only as limited as your imagination. Satisfying, healthy, soothing, and delicious. 

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