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Owl's Flight Oil

The Jagged Path

Owl's Flight Oil

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Owls are very controversial messengers. They pay keen attention to detail and prefer tasks over people. They prefer to play or work, solo. Owls are very observant, and they notice minute detail, retaining seemingly insignificant things.

Owls value security, greatly. The Owl is often described as: a motivator, leader, risk-taker, detail-oriented, focused, quick-witted, outspoken, peacemaker, analytical, insightful, adventurous, methodical, introspective, and orderly.

Owls allow us to experience communing with souls in the spirit world. Owls frequently emerge before us at crucial moments--acting as psychopomps or messengers of the Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena. The owl’s flight is regarded as representative of the journey of the human consciousness following demise.

Components are all uniquely related to magical workings, including the archetypal herb of divinatory works, clary sage.



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