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Passionflower Flower Essence

The Jagged Path

Passionflower Flower Essence

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Passionflower flower essence

Passionflower reminds us to take things slowly and find peace in spirit, body, and mind. If you’re lucky enough to witness honeybees in a Passionflower bloom, you’ll understand perfectly. Sit back and watch as these amazing little beings land in the corolla of the bloom, cover themselves with pollen, then drift into a short siesta.

Passionflower is a formidable essence for reaching the deepest reserves of your ingenuity and the purest form of your passions. Grounding and opening, Passionflower teaches us to let go of societal expectations, articulate our truth, and pay tribute to our inner beauty. An invaluable ally in self-realization, intuitive growth, and empathetic foundations, Passionflower drives us to welcome the power of our vulnerability, the chaos and balance of intense growth.

Passionflower also encourages the development of empathy, and promotes serene, natural sleep patterns.

Passionflower opens the heart and throat chakra.

Do you feel like your world is moving so fast that you cannot possibly be operating on all cylinders? Are your nerves frazzled? Do you find yourself wishing for more rest or time off throughout the day? Are you experiencing restless sleep, troubling dreams, or inability to stay asleep? Having trouble getting your brain to stop so that you can get to sleep at bedtime? Do you have repeating thoughts prior to falling asleep or when arousing during the night?

Passionflower quiets the anxiety, mental chatter, and merry-go-round thinking. It promotes restful sleep. During the day, Passionflower fosters productivity.

Passionflower brings a sense of peace and reminds us to breathe deeply. It encourages us to feel more grounded and more in tune to that which is sacred to us, improving both perception and insight. 

Passionflower is beneficial for calming an overworked mind and body and for improving spiritual perceptiveness.

Kick all the bull shit to the curb, overcome difficult times and karmic dues to seek appreciation, empathy, and transcendence.

As with all my products, this flower essence is created in small batches, ensuring freshness and potency. It is Vegan and gluten-free. The flowers in this essence were organically grown by The Jagged Path.



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