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Praecantatrix Unguent

The Jagged Path

Praecantatrix Unguent

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Praecantatrix Unguent

My extremely popular Belladonna and Datura combination, now available in ointment form.

Belladonna and Datura has to be my favorite blend. It is so sensual, so seductive. This beautiful combination aids in thinning the time, the liminal space, between what was and what is yet to be.

It is said that visitors of a forest containing Belladonna, would see a beautiful, dark eyed, raven haired woman. She is said to be most present when the moon grows smaller and dark, in its waning phase. Legends tell us that practitioners paid tribute to the Belladonna plant, in hopes of catching a glimpse of this raven-haired beauty, and for her to teach them the secrets of her magic.

Belladonna has a clear connection to Hekate, and is a key constitute in any dark garden or Garden of Hekate. For me, personally, she was the first Baneful beauty ever to form life from my hands.

There can certainly be no question as to how and why Belladonna has been long associated with beauty, seduction, and magic.

Datura is often known as Belladonna’s seductive sister. Datura is a truly remarkable, transformative ally. Her prickly, thorny seed pods appear only after her romantic, beautiful, beguilingly smelling blossoms have closed back in on themselves, and succumbed to eternal darkness, in her ongoing determination to assure that her legendary roots continue to deepen.

Those who seek out Datura will undoubtedly experience her reverence and awe. Datura has long been connected to shape-shifting, particularly into a seductive, bird form. The largely reported tingling sensation felt after applying Datura ointment or oil, or after the use of a tincture of Datura, is commonly likened to the sensation of sprouting feathers.

Imagine a beautiful, black raven, using the seductiveness of their song to beguile the object of their affection.

Poplar buds have historically been used for spiritual and emotional comfort, healing, conflict resolution, inspiration, manifestation, consecration, and for easing the path in connecting to Spirit.

This blend contains both Belladonna and Datura, infused into organic sunflower oil, with the addition of wild sourced poplar buds. The plant materials in this oil have been grown, harvested, dried, and prepared by me, under the most beneficial phase of the moon.

As with all my products, this ointment is created in small batches, to assure freshness and potency. It is vegan friendly and gluten free. Each tin will be placed upon my altar, prayed over, and set with positive intention and energy before ever leaving my hands.

You will receive a 30ml tin of ointment, along with a usage and storage suggestion card. Following these suggestions, your ointment should remain shelf stable for a minimum of 3 years.



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