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Psychopomp Ritual Oil

The Jagged Path

Psychopomp Ritual Oil

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The word psychopomp has ties to the Greek words, psychopompos or ψυχοπομπός.

“Pompos”, translates to “guide” or “connector”, and psyche, which translates to “mind, soul, life, or breath”.

A psychopomp is a guide of souls. It truly takes a person with a certain set of skills to perform this work.

While mostly forgotten in mainstream consumerist life, however, it is still privately practiced in many earth-centered, pagan, and new age spiritual traditions. Many humans need guiding from one place to the next, to prevent getting lost on their way. This mostly happens when someone passes unexpectedly or has unfinished business and need to process their death, causing them to hesitate along their path, losing their way.

Psychopomps rely heavily upon inner contacts, such as deities, spirits, guides, animal spirits, or plant spirits, to team up with them when performing this type of work.

Psychopomp work entails opening up a sacred space, presenting an offering, encouraging any final questions or concerns, cooperating with one’s guides to open up a entryway, enticing their spirit to cross through said gateway, then cautiously closing the space and gateway.

Self-care and extreme spiritual cleaning are absolutely necessary after performing this type of work. This is the inspiration behind this oil.

You can add a few drops of the oil to your bath, or simply anoint yourself after your cleansing bath. All the herbs in this oil have direct connection to the dead and the other side of the veil, and help clear away any stagnant energy that might be clinging to the psychopomp, leaving the practitioner’s energy field clean, positive, and strong.



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